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Nut Cave Trout Farm
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Family Recipes

Grilled Trout Fillets

            *For 4 adults you will need approximately 6 lbs of fish.*

Place aluminum foil on your grill. Spray with a non-stick spray. Lay fillets skin side down on foil and season with garlic salt, lemon pepper, and butter. For a spicy kick add Cajun Creole seasoning.  Cook for 8-9 minutes or until meat is pale white and flakes easily with a fork, on a medium heat.

*You can also do them in the oven the same way. Just place aluminum foil on cooking sheet and broil on low heat.*


Whole – Use the same seasoning as above but place on the inside of the fish, also make small incisions on the outside of the fish and put seasoning in these as well. Wrap in aluminum foil and grill on one side for about 10 minutes then turn and cook on other side for 7-9 minutes.


Dry batter to fry fish

            Corn meal

            Little flour

            Salt & pepper

            Place in a large brown paper bag and shake well.


Tarter Sauce

            3 cups mayo

            c finely chopped onions

            c sweet relish

            Salt to taste

            Keep in an air tight container in the fridge


Cole Slaw

            1 head of cabbage

            4 large carrots

            salt and pepper to taste

            c to 1 c salad dressing, depending on how much you like

            c sugar


Chop and grate cabbage, peel and grate carrots. Mix salad dressing, sugar, salt and pepper with cabbage and carrots.



            2 c corn meal

            c flour

            1 egg

            Salt and pepper

            1/8 tsp sugar

            small onion, chopped

            Buttermilk to mix


Mix all together to a thick pancake batter. Let sit to rise. Heat oil to 350 degrees. Drop in by tablespoon. When done they will be golden brown and float.

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